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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions


Founded in 24th March 2004, NYP Ultimate started out with around 6 NYP students crazy about Ultimate and decided to start it out as a CCA in NYP.

In 2005/06, NYP Ultimate had our first recruitment drive and the club began to grow to approx 15 players.

In 2006/07, NYP Ultimate expanded with the help of Club Crawl and numbers grew rapidly to approx 30 players.

From 2007/08 till 2009/10, NYP Ultimate have been constantly maintaining a high recruitment rate of 1000 over sign ups during Club Crawl and 300 over students turning up for the actual training.

On the fields, NYP Ultimate compete competitively at the highest school/tertiary level, such as POL-ITE and IVP.

Off the fields, NYP Ultimate is a tightly bonded family, enjoying each others' company.

NYP Ultimate is currently supported by our very own NYP Student Development officers. Giving their fullest support by providing us assistance with planning trainings and events. With their help and our passion, we will continue to excel in our years ahead!

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