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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

New Intake FAQ

Some commonly asked questions and answers to them!

Q1. Do I need to have a frisbee disc to start?

Ans: Nope! We will provide you with Discs to start with. However, we seek your cooperation in following instructions when throwing the discs, meaning do not purposely smash or attempt to destroy the discs!

We will recommend everyone to get a disc each (every Ultimate player MUST have a disc!) NYP will be selling our very own NYP Discs @ S$20 per disc during training! Please bring Cash if you wish to purchase!

Q2. Do NYP Ultimate have trials?

Ans: Nope! NYP Ultimate wants to spread the love of the game to all that are interested to pick up Ultimate!

Q3. I (or my friend) didn't sign up during club crawl, can we still join?

Ans: Yes! For a introductory period (April & May), everyone is welcome to join in any trainings. You can sign up during training.

Q4. I am not sure if I want to join Ultimate Frisbee.

Ans: Come down and try on either Monday or Wednesday training!

Q5. What if I have signed up for other CCAs?

Ans: Our suggestion is to try all out and decide which one you like. This is tertiary level and hence, you are free to try and choose!

Q6. What if I can't make it to training on time?

Ans: You should have valid reasons and just head down for training ASAP after your class or commitment. When you reach, do look for the IC of training and he/she will tell you what to do.

Q7. What if I need to leave early?

Ans: Just let us know and you may leave.

Q8. What is the training program like?

Ans: Training will be split into 2 parts after 2 months: Introductory and Advanced.

Introductory: Basic throws and simple game will be taught.
Advanced: We will transit into competitive mode to prepare for POL-ITE games as well as IVP.

Q9. Will there be trials or selections after Introductory training?

Ans: There will be NO trials to drop anyone. However, there will be selections for POL-ITE & IVP Competition. Even though there are selections, everyone is still welcome to continue training with us.

Q10. Why do people drop out even though there is no trials?

Ans: NYP Ultimate believes in leaving no one behind and hence, we do not drop any players; regardless of whether you are good or not, good looking or not, got potential or not. Only you can choose to give up and quit yourself.

Q11. What time does training end?

Ans: If you have to leave early, do let us know, we will not purposely hold you back. As for normal training hours, see the following:

Monday: 530pm to 800pm.

Wednesday: 430pm to 730pm.

The seniors will be having competitive training after normal training. If you wish to practise your throws, you are welcome to stay back and throw at the allocated area by the side.

Q12. Where is the hockey pitch and fields?

Ans: Both are near the sports complex which is Blk F & G. Below is the NYP Map, with the fields and hockey pitch being marked out.

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