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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

Selection for SMU vs NYP game

Hey NYP,

There will a friendly scrimmage between NYP and SMU on next Wednesday, 30 Aug 2006. We will be conducting a selection trial for this coming match on friday, 25 Aug 2006 from 1700hrs to 1800hrs at the school hockey pitch.

I know that the exam is on right now but we are also informed about the game today as there is a VVIP coming visit the school and to view the match. Selection includes all seniors and juniors and email us at nyp.ultimate@gmail.com to rsvp for the selection trial.

Do note that only 20 people will be in the team for the coming match. However if you are not selected for the upcoming match, don't give up hope. Take it as a opportunity for you to push yourself and improve to the next higher level. There will be more scrimmages coming up during the one month break.

Hope to see you all this friday.



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