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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

try stepping up during training..

GUYS and GALS.. im bored now and i wanna play frisbee! every moment im thinking abt frisbee! since now its the holidays im sure u guys can put in more committments into ultimate frisbee.. im sure tt some of u guys are working part time also.. but i hope u guys will focus during trainin.. be more serious and willing to learn!
its not just ultimate itself, its more den just a sport!

u guys can practise more on ur own.. start with the basics!
1) throw backhand forehand x100 or x1000 ( please do not do airbounce )
2) do basic 3 man drills with more intensity
3) go to drills! ( learn how to apply tt during game or pickup )
4) meet up more often have ur own pickup @ any available field in singapore!



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