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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

hohoho!!! school have just reopen!!!

hohoho.. now school have just reopen i suppose ill get to see most of you guys back to trainin as per normal right !! = )
some of you guys have been improving alot tis holiday.. keep up tt good job!
well its 2am now and i cant slp.. ha. thinking of ultimate frisbee!! hope i layout out of my bed! ha!

well.. getting back to the main point why im online!
we ultimate frisbee are asked to organise a NYP ULTIMATE TOURNI for students who are studying in NYP! anyone out there! ANYONE!
well.. your job is simple! just help promote to your lecture mates, classmates, teachers, or even pretty girls u see walking ard NYP..
whoever you think shld just relax and have fun..
its not being competitive or so ever.. its just to have fun and keep fit! = )

looking forward to this event!
will be keeping you posted.. = )
meanwhile stay TUNE!



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