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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

Line Up !! Details !!

** Take Note**
SMU Tourny! 13 oct Saturday.
Location : Bishan Park 2
Time : Starts @ 9am till 630pm

** NEWS **
Prelim rounds! 20min or first to 5.
Prelim rounds are round robin.
The top two in group progress to top pool.
3rd&4th in group progress to bottom pool.
Now got 20 teams, divided into 4 groups each group 5 teams.

QF - 30min or first to 7pts
SF & finals - 40min or first to 9pts
Teams from smu, nyp, sim, nus, acjc & cjc


Be there by : 8am have a light breakfast or so.
Lunch break will be about 45 mins. but u guys got to settle urself.
bring bread with tunas, biscuits etc etc.
Be prepared to run!

Line1 :
Robin(C) Kenneth(VC) Alex Shawn Weilong Edwin Johnathan Jeffery Yinci Dorries

Line2 :
Mark(C) Aaron(VC) Alvin CS LB Ronald Neil Florence Alicia Amy.

Bring lots of water, sunblock etc etc..

Lets Play Our Hearts Out! = )



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