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Tragic Loss of NYP sportsman

It has been ages ever since I have posted on this blog. But what happened recently hit me real hard and I thought it would be good for NYP Ultimate to know.

5 National Team Dragonboaters dead in a tragic accident while representing Singapore. Of which, 3 was known to be from NYP and personally, I have seen 2 of them often. For those that still do not know about this incident:


Both Reuben Kee and Jeremy Goh are leaders of NYP Dragonboat and NYP Kayaking. Even though NYP Ultimate was never close to them, we are still under the NYP family.

Walking pass each other at Blk E, seeing them doing weights, training at track or CCA club corridor was a common sight. Never would I have imagine such thing could happen.

Life is fragile. Accomplish and plan your life well. Know what you want in life and go for it. Only then, you would have no regrets in life.




Perhaps, God had planned something else for them....

Treasure your families and friends. Do not wait till something happens before regretting why in the first place you did not.

" NYP Ultimate is deeply sadden by this unfortunate loss of a great sportsman.

Even though we do not share the passion in the same sport but sportsmanship is universal.

Your spirit would be badly missed."

Benjamin Ho
NYP Ultimate


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