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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
Yo peeps,
Believe all you guys are busy mugging and preparing for common test this coming week
10/12-14/12. But nevertheless remember to balance your study and health. No point study till nothing goes into your head and still continue to study. Some personal study tips/psychology
- Chocolate makes your brain happy meaning a happy brain can study longer!(no chocolates for you? eat something you like to replace the chocolate part) haaha
- Sleep early and wake up early and study make your body clock work according to school hours.
- Coffee? Test shows that it give people a full 45mins of concentration after they have taken it.
- Last, My personal fav. put your notes or the subject your gonna be tested next day under your pillow and sleep on it! Learning thru diffusion. kinda works for me. haha

1)So those who need to destress -
WonderWinter League Clinic 2 (or normal pick-up)
Date: Sunday, Dec 9
Time: 3pm
Venue: Fields at Seng Kang (Just outside Compass Point, Seng Kang MRT)
need a buddy to join you? Can always look for those having FYP or attachment.
Those who need to destress durning the comming weekdays can look for Mark(dame his papers end on monday!) or those having FYP in school they will be willing to join you.

2)After 2 weeks of busy mugging its time to relax!!!! So this coming Sat 15/12 it's Sentosa Weekend!! Its been ages since we've been there haha!

3)Coming Sunday 16/12 is the long awaited Winter League. Guy pls go to http://winterleague0708.blogspot.com/ and check if your name is on the Not Nice list. If you appear there,its means your not in the draft or currently teamless pls update make your name noticed to Mark so that he can let the winter league committe know that your with nyp ultimate the bunch of ppl who will be paying cash on the game day itself. And those who wanna join and have no sign up do let Mark know as well so you can be included.

4)Last but not least!!!Be reminded 25th Dec your booked by Alicia coz she needs us to "destory" her house! haha.. remember to prepare a exchange gift that is NOT less than $10 or Alicia will kill you and she mean it!

Love you all; hugs n kisses,


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