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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
Hi peeps!!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed yourself durning sat's partay!!!! For those of you who miss it.. ask the rest what happen. it was tones of mind BLOWING actions.

Now, for those who a eagerly wanting for some intensely out of your physical abilities , bone breaking, mind torturing yet fun training below are the details:

Tuesday training at
Time:5.30pm (Reach by 5pm or ealier be READY to run and warm up by 5.30pm)
Venue:Hockey Pitch
Things MUST bring: Water at least 1.5L per person, Shoes(no shoes no training), 1set of Light and Dark t-shits ( no apporiate colours no games), mentally prepared and a heart to learn!
Weather for the day: Rain or Shine we still continue to train!

Since its holidays for most of us no one should have excuse to be late. Training still set at 5.30pm so that those who needs to work or on attatchments shld be able to come down for training.
Therefore if you really can't make it or will be late do inform or SMS xiao lun with the following by 2359hr before the nxt trainining day.

"Hi I am (name) will not be able to attend/ training on (date) due to (reason) "
"Hi I am (name) will be late for training on (date) due to (reason) "

Any personal reason not comfortable of telling xiao lun do approach alex or me. Beloew will be our contacts:

Alex: 91993001
Xiao lun: 92216205
lb: 91730773

So I'll cya all at the pitch, try not to fool around anymore coz you dont wanna know who's good and who's not



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