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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

29th &30 Sep trainings and MOONCAKE FESTIVAL CELEBRATION!

Hi people

Training for next week (29th & 30th September)
would be as usual...

Tuesday (5:30pm onwards)
@ Hockey Pitch
Bring: Shoes, 1 white & 1 dark shirt and water!

Wednesday (4:30pm onwards)
@ Stadium
Bring: Shoes & Boots, 1 white & dark shirt and water!

Please note that we would appreciate it if you guys can come a little bit earlier to throw away all the bad throws even before training starts. This would enable us to do more things during training as we would not need to waste time doing throws first. Now is holiday period, I'm sure it's a matter of 'want or not' rather than 'can or not' for most of you.

On another note,
here is a message from Ben...
Hi all,

I am planning to have a gathering at my house (78 Sungei Tengah Road) for the Mooncake Festival!

Relive the good old days whereby you carry the paper lantern and walk in the dark!

Of course, burning your lantern at the end! =P


Gathering Details:

Date: 03/10/2009 (Saturday)
Time: 630pm onwards
Venue: Ben's Hse (78 Sungei Tengah Road, S699003)
Cost: $18
Things provided: BBQ Food + Under 18 Drinks + Lantern + Candles + lots of fun!

Want above 18 drinks? Bring it and share with everyone!! =)


Contact Person for Payment:

DK: Hayden Tan (91250393)
NYP: Eliseus Tan (91466685)
SIM: Jerome Yeo (91894355)

If you are grad, please pay to DK side.
If you are current student of NYP or SIM, please pay to your ICs!


Please pay up ASAP so I can start to plan the buying of food and etc!

Thank you very much!

Benjamin Ho


If you guys have any question about this, please approach me or eliseus first
and not bother Ben. If there's anything we really need to find out, we would
ask Ben on your behalf. Thank You!

Thanks & Best regards
Xiao Lun


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