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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
Hi guys,

Some administrative stuffs from today's training,


  • Those signing or signed up for synenergy briefing are as follow
  • 7pm @ LTJ - 1
  • Payment are to be made on the spot.
  • Those still hestitaing to join first prize is a 40 Liter backpack worth 300 over dollars!
  • Camp matters:
  • Tentativly dates are 15th-17th January 2010 Friday to Sunday. Keep those weekend free.
  • Remember its a FUN camp so no worries about tough and kick your ass training

  • Christmas party what would you bring, are you comming or not etc etc.. please update your attendance and status to pearlyn or eliesus ASAP.
  • Christmas costume shopping, meeting time around 6pm check with Hayden for more updates.


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