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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions


Hi all,

POLITE Games 2010 is this Saturday (31/07/2010).

All players and helpers are to be at the stadium ready @ 6am.


Players to bring both your new adidas jerseys + NYP Red (small logo) jersey + Red Shorts + Black Shorts.

Helpers to come in NYP WHITE (small logo) jersey + Black Shorts + Track shoes.

If you don't have the necessary things, please go source for it ASAP.

For all grads, its time for you to watch over your juniors are are setting foot on the same route that you took. You, being there will mean a lot to them. Come down to support them!

NYP Games are:

0800 to 0900: NYP vs TP
1130 to 1230: NYP vs NP
1600 to 1700: NYP vs RP
1930 to 2030: NYP vs SP

For all players, its time for you to shine. Your time have come for you to step up to the big stage and perform. To repay the faith of the coaches, to give 100% for the rest of NYP team & most importantly, PLAY for each other on the field.

Players win points, TEAM win Championships.

CONTROL your destiny. =)

Benjamin Ho


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