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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

Trainings & Frisbee Carnival!

Monday, 23th May
Hockey Pitch, 530pm onwards

NYP 20th Anniversary Ultimate Frisbee Challenge (Frisbee Carnival)
Wednesday, 25th May
Soccer Field & Hockey Pitch, 330pm onwards

3:15pm registration
3:30pm learn/practice throws
4:15pm start games
6pm end games
6pm announcement of winners, medals will be given out on a later date.

- 10 aside (mixed teams).
- 5 people on the playing line (3 guys 2 girls or 4 guys 1 girl).
- Teams will be formed based on a HAT basis (randomly picked from a HAT).
- Only 1 player from NYP Ultimate Frisbee can play on the line.
- Substitute can only be called after a point is scored.
- There will be stall count of 10secs when defender mark is on.
- Other additional rules will be told to the captains during a briefing on that day itself.

Requirement for Registration:
Not a NYP Ultimate player for more than one year.

How to register? Click on this link - https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dFZSVi1zbHZ2bE5PV2ZPbEMybUgwb3c6MQ
Closing date for registration will be 23rd May(Monday), 2359hr.
For those that have registered already, please DO NOT register again. Thank you.

What to bring:
- A dark(Blue,black) shirt & a white shirt *
- Water bottle * (Best be 1.5L bottle)
- Sports shoes* (Monday and Wednesday)

- Soccer Boots (Wednesday)
- No jeans, berms, barefoot or slippers

Those with * means compulsory.
For further enquires about the Frisbee carnival, please contact Gabriel @ 94501561

NYP ultimate


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