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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
NYP League!
Tuesday, 29/5/12
Hockey Pitch, 530pm sharp

Wednesday, 30/5/12
Hockey Pitch, 430pm sharp!

We'll be having NYP league on Tuesday, look forward to it! Remember that attendance is compulsory!

Things to bring:
a DARK shirt. (Any colour other than white)
a WHITE shirt.
Water bottle. (1.5l recommended as water cooler is pretty far)

If your lesson end late or other reason(s) please inform your current or previous group leader, or Maideen at 93870549, please state your NAME.

Summer League!
Thank you all for your overwhelming responses! Those who are playing will be contacted this week, and those who aren't please don't be dishearten. Do continue to come for training, as there's still plenty to learn in ultimate!

Bonding Camp!
As you know, there's a camp on the 21st to 23rd June during the holidays! I hope everyone can make it for the camp as it'll be fun and you'll definitely meet new friends and know more about each other!

For those who really, really cannot make it, please inform Hatadi Faiz at 97707774, and state your NAME.

Thank you,


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