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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
Hey guys! Training will be as usual this week even though it's ICA week! For those who have yet to inform your league group leaders  about your attendances, please do so. Just a reminder, during training when the coach or captain says that water break is 3 minutes, please watch the time and come back before 3 minutes. Like i have mentioned, we will enforce discipline from now on. Camp details will be out next week! Those who have yet to sign up for camp, please do so too!


For those who have yet to join, please do join the group, as there will be a lot of information on training and other stuffs being posted there! The link is below!

Seniors will be at the pitch after 4:30pm on Monday and 4pm on Wednesday. If you have ended your lesson, just come down early to throw!(:

PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING A DARK (e.g. Black, Dark Blue, Red, Maroon) AND LIGHT( WHITE ONLY) SHIRT AND A WATER BOTTLE ( preferably 1.5L ). 

Monday, 3/6/2013
Hockey Pitch - 530pm

Wednesday, 5/6/2013
Hockey Pitch - 430pm

Things to bring:
DARK shirt
LIGHT shirt
Water bottle
Running shoes

See ya,


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