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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
Hey guys! Sorry for the late update! Anyway, training have resume back to normal! Although it's holiday, everyone is expected to turn up, as we will have to start training back for IVP in march! Most of us are going down early to throw!

Do respond to the Christmas party event on facebook! Those that are not inside, inform the seniors!

PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING A DARK (e.g. Black, Dark Blue, Red, Maroon) AND LIGHT( WHITE ONLY) SHIRT AND A WATER BOTTLE ( preferably 1.5L ). 

Hockey Pitch - 530pm

Wednesday, 18/6/2013
Hockey Pitch - 430pm

Things to bring:
DARK shirt
LIGHT shirt
Water bottle
Running shoes

Beware! Cause We Burn n Sky!
See ya,


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