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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions


Sorie peeps for not informing abt the postponement of today's training. Everyone is busy with the Sing Opens. Btw, there will be training tml. If there's heavy rain like today, chances are ther will not be training, but jux come down to practise ur throws in e sheltered areas. Haha. Anyway, exams are nearing. Hit the books soon, or rather, now!! Studee hard and score good grades. Whateva u deliver during training must be equivalent to what u need to score during the exams. So good luck for ur exams!!

Btw, we are thinking of coming up an official name for the team. These are the few suggestions that i've came across with. Post your comments or give some suggestions on the 'Layouts' link.

1) NYPples
2) NYPult

Suggest more and i'llset up a poll vote.

- R i D -


Anonymous said…
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Kenneth said…
I was thinking how about calling ourselves NYPaces?

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