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More tourneys!!

Hey peeps. I'm sure all of you who came down on Wednesday's(4/1/06) training have heard about the next tourney - Surf & Sweat '06, which will be organized ny NTU. Those of you who are interested to join the tourney, do send your particulars. Form up your team, 5 + 1(reserve), including at least two girls as you might be needed to filed in at least one girl at all point of gameplay time. We'll inform you of the rules again once we get the full details. The event will be at Sentosa, 5/2/06. Make yourself free and try to give us your team names and particular asap as we've experienced from last that late entries will be needed to be sent all the way to NTU. There will also be an amount of fee to be paid. We'll let you know once we get the news from the organisers. Let's make this another step to bring up NYP Ultimate's name by winning it and claiming all top three spots!! We can achieve it. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up. Go form your team!

On the other hand, for those of you who do not know how to go to WCP this Sunday, i've attached a link for you to view.

Click here to view the link.

NYP Ultimate wishes everyone who are participating in the league best wishes. See you at the fields this Sunday!!

- R i D -
NYP Ultimate


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