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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

NYP Invitational IVP 2008

Greetings to everyone,

Everyone has been asking me for who will be my MVP choice for this IVP. Don't worry, I will eventually let all of u know. On top of that, I will be giving out some other awards.

Dream Team:
1) Kenneth
2) Mark
3) Alvin
4) Alex
5) Bolin
6) Dorries
7) Alicia

Layout Award:
Edwin Hooi

Edwin will be getting six siew mai.

Male MVP (senior) Award:

Alvin will be entitled to FREE ENTRY to Zouk, Phuture on 22nd March 2008.

I would like to thank the leaders of 3rd gen NYP Ultimate, Mark and Kenneth for making my job easier.

On top of that, I would like all of u to know that having a good coach or captain will not make a good team. Its the willingness and hunger to learn and train that makes individual players good. Good teamwork and friendship outside field to make individuals gel as a team.

NYP Ultimate has always been a club that is strongly bonded by friendship and it will always be.

Remember, when things are not going well, take it along your stride and eventually, things will change for the better. It is well explained during IVP when things do not go well, the more u force the throws, the more turnovers u get. When things are good, no matter what line u put in, they will win the point. Respect your opposition but never fear them. Be unsure of what u can do cause there is no limits to all of your potential.

Now, its generation 4 and I know its the biggest challenge of all times. Seniors have all left and the team is low on people now. I hope that the current seniors will return to assist the juniors. Now, it will also mean that the upcoming club crawl will be most importance. We will have to attract and retain a lot of them!

Keep the club's spirit high and we will bid to retain our throne again!

Benjamin Ho


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