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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
yo guys! sorry for not updating the blog.
we will continue our training next monday.
anyway, this coming sat we will be very busy.

1st.) DK/NYP ultimate training at west coast park. pls be punctual and reach there by 10am or earlier. by 10.30am u guys must be boot up and be prepare to run already. use that 30mins to start throwing with ur buddy. bring lots of water and ur 100% to training in order to improve faster. those who cant make it, pls sms me and tell me ur reason. failed to do so = DIE!!!

2ndly.) ZOUK! yeah zouk not zoo. after an early training @ WCP, we will celebrate ben's birthday at zouk @ night. meeting time we will confirm again @ WCP. pls bring ur 100% to zouk too! =X hahaha.

okay, will update again soon. =)
rest well and take care guys especially those going to MALAYSIA OPEN!
mahjong session tonight and tml night! sms cs or shawn for more info. ty. sry mark! =X



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