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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
Yoz everyone!

If your thinking with exams are over what's next? well its training training and more training! especially intense training! like CS had said with IVP round the coner and every other institutes chasing us, we really have to work our ass off.

So.... if your still wondering if there's any training tml. YES! training as usuall for:
  • Tues: 530pm! and Wed: 430pm! (unlesss otherwise stated)
  • Bring: Shoes for tues and Boots for wed's Lots of water and passion and inensity

Something to add, guys pls come with a mind set to train hard durning training and play after training. lets give it 100% Work 100% Fun with minimum CRAPS

Cya all at the pitch tml!




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