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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
Yoz Ultimate Fanatics!

I know everyone is itching for some actions or worried that their throws have become rusty as training was suspended due to sch closure. Nevertheless, this coming wk is also common test for most students.

So there will be NO training. PLEASE go and study and SCORE well for your tests! doesn't mean you can slack on ur fitness! go do some running!!!!!! BUT there will be pick-up!! which means games!!!! so IF you have no tests or fully prepared for your test!! Pickup will commence :
  • Tuesday 530pm onwards till lights off @ Hockey Pitch
  • Wednesday 430pm onwards till lights off @ Field
Frisbee carnival is drawing near! Those who have not sign up pls do sign up. Forms are avaliable from Adam, Sharon or Yiling. Look for them to get our forms! Get your friends and classmates to join! So what are your waiting for JOIN NOW!



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