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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
Hey guy! Exam's over!! Hope to see everyone back at training! It's holiday too, so no excuses! For those who are INJURED, please come for training too, but you will be throwing at the side instead, to recover first.

And like we always say, we are a team, we seniors need the juniors, you juniors need us seniors too! So let's work hard and play hard together and win back the IVP title!

As mentioned in the previous training, Seniors will be going down much earlier to do throws, so if you need help with your throws or drills, just let us know and come down early to throw with us! We are more than willing to help you guys!(:

PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING A DARK (e.g. Black, Dark Blue, Red, Maroon) AND LIGHT( WHITE ONLY) SHIRT AND A WATER BOTTLE ( preferably 1.5L ). 

Hockey Pitch - 530pm

Wednesday, 4/9/2013
Hockey Pitch - 430pm

Things to bring:
DARK shirt
LIGHT shirt
Water bottle
Running shoes

See ya,


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