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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

Message from EX - Captain!

Hi pple!

It has been a long time since i have posted on the blog. Looking back, NYP Ultimate has been around for abt 2 yrs or so.

A brief history for u guys(esp juniors).

NYP Ultimate started off from a 2 man show(Ade & me) to a threesome (Rid, Ade & me) to a small grp of frens playing pickup every tue n thurs. A chance came along when club crawl was nearing and we took our chance. Great response of 240 pple signed up considering we r a new sport. After which, trainings are being attended by an average of 80 pple for the first 2 months. Wat was left after the 2 months are wat u see now. haha.. I must say, NYP Ultimate has since then moved on in the right direction.

Founding and managing NYP Ultimate was never an easy task. But i was very fortunate to have with me supportive and understanding team mates who helped NYP Ulimate along the way. Adelene, Jia Nian, Victor, Cong Pei, Willie, Brandon, Hazel, Chee Kng, Lave, and etc. It was also made easy when the "juniors" then were hard working and talented(didnt really wanna say this but i just had to tell the truth).

Kenneth, Robin, Mark, Aaron, Bevan, Dennis, Neil, Kelvin, Alvin, Jasper, Wei Long, Connie, Sarah, Alicia, Wanyee and all(pls pls forgive me if i left out anyone cause its really hard to think at this time) have been a wonderful lot to work with. They have shown that they wan to learn and have truly shown the determination to preserve on when times are hard. Trainings have been tough but they passed with flying colours.(you juniors are still lucky for the time being!)

Now, I see a new batch of raw gems who hav shown flashes of brilliance but are progressing way below their potential. I urge you juniors to adapt a more pro active mentality esp during training. Dun fool ard. When its time to train, lets train together. When its play time, we would have fun together.

Pt 1. When we ask you to practise the throws, throw the throws tat we want. Not hammer or air-bounce. Those throws would not bring u far but instead u will be mixing up ur throws. in the end, u would learn nothing.

Pt 2. As we have limited time, by fooling ard during drills would only let everyone have less time to play pickup or scrimmage. Hence, if u guys r serious during drills & finish it up fast, we would be playing more than doing drills.

Pt 3. Have FUN! So many of us gave up sports tat we excel in to play ultimate. For most of us, the reason is tat ultimate provides another level of challenge. It is different from other sports cause it is a combination of all. Most impt, its the spirit of the game tat we r proud of! where else can u find a sport or game tat is self ref by the players? NONE! we r proud to say tat Ultimate Players are spirited which reflects on our character.

Oh well, i think i have said enough.. hope tat u guys would train hard! =)

Benjamin Ho
NYP Ultimate


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