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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

Ultimate Frisbee Bonding Camp

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The first ever frisbee camp is here. Be mentally prepared to go through a serious of activities and training that will push your physical to the limit. Below is some of the things you NEED to bring. Failure to do so, you have to answer for it.

1. Training Gear (DARK and LIGHT shirt and shorts)
2. Running Shoes
3. Soccer Boots
4. Water Bottles (at least 500ml)
5. Extra Clothings
6. $10 cash
7. Shampoo and Soap (if you wanna bath after camp)

Some of the things you might want to prepare yourself before you come for the camp.

1. Be ready to play with "New" teammates. Continuous throwing with the same group of friends will not help you in your throws. You need to practise throwing with different people and also catching different kinds of throws.

2. Be ready to response to the senior / trainers instructions. I have repeated myself time and again and Benjamin have also point out this point to you all. When it's time for training, be serious and learn as much as possible. Talking among yourself will not help in training. In short be SERIOUS.

3. Of course, we have organised fun activities for all of you. It may be a training camp but we will also do something else out of FRISBEE...

4. Last but not least, ask questions when you are in doubt. If you don't understand and don't ask, you don't learn. We also don't wish to scold you all the time.

That's for all for now. Do check back for updates these few days. Have a great weekend.

NYP Ultimate


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