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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

Thank you...

Hi ppl,

I would like to thank everyone for coming down to the camp yesterday especially the seniors who have spend their time and effort making this whole camp a success. We hope you all have fun and learned new things that we have taught you all.

The match against Disc Knight is an eye opener to you all and we do hope that all of us in NYP can play till that level or even higher. It's tough going into the match as some of us are having injuries and the level they played on is much higher. But we fight on and manage to take some points off them. That's the fighting spirit and the determination we hope all of you will have in time to come. Even though we did not win the match, all of us have fun and learned something out of the match as well.

Lastly, Training tomorrow is cancelled due to maintenance work on the school's soccer field. We will resume training / pickup on monday at the same time, same place. Study hard for your exam.

Best wishes,
NYP Ultimate


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