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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

trainin tml as usual ... ** bring league fees!

trainin will be as usual @ 6 pm!
gear up and be prepared to run!

if you guys are free! drop by earlier to practise ur throws.. good time to do so coz its holiday now!!
come by as early as 4pm! practise your throws and catching!!!!
call more ppl along.. so tt you guys can all play pickup among urself.. 7 on 7.

this will surely help you guys alot!
a couple of seniors should be there.. just mix ard n start practising..

* please note *
bring 25$ for the league fees for those who are playing in the league
as for the jerseys im sorry ive got it wrong.. its not included in the 25$
if you wish to have the jerseys, bring a additional 20$.



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