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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

well done guys!! now.. comes summer league

** Climb Run **

hell of an event today right!! hahaha..
im glad all of you guys completed the race without giving up! = )
now i see stairs ill surely take lift! =P

thats the spirit and determination i wish to see all the time during trainin!
3 cheers for all of you guys whom ran the climb run today!

even thou we didnt win much in this race, we were pretty lucky!
got a few of us even got the lucky draw prizes! = )

be prepared and excited for the league.
those who have not receive their sms or email from their league captain.
coz its under pending.. sorry abt tis news.

but neva the less.. we shld meet up @ 1pm sengkang field.
if you are not sure on how to get there.. meet up at the mrt station control.
some of the seniors will be there to pick you up. stay tune for more details!
ill blog them up later tonight. = )



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