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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

25th & 26th August Trainings.

Hey people.

Trainings are as usual this week.

Please bring $2 to buy notebook.
Be reminded to finish your homework and bring them on tuesday!

5:30pm onwards
Hockey Pitch
BRING SHOES, 1 white & 1 dark shirt & WATER!

4:30pm onwards
BRING BOOTS or SHOES, 1 white & 1 dark shirt & WATER!

Studying for exams, going to be late or cannot come? SMS ME WITH UR REASON !

To all seniors and grads who have ordered windbreaker,
If you want to take them, please inform LB 1 day in advance
so that he can arrange for you to collect it. Try not to do it last
minute or suddendly appear and ask for jackets.
Make things easier for both you and him. (:

Thanks and best regards
Xiao Lun.


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