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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

Singapore Open 2009 Helpers

Hi all,

Those names that are listed below are selected to help out in Singapore Open 2009.

1) Tang Wei Mun
2) Tan Rui Ling Joleen
3) Yap Jing Si
4) Yap Jing Yi
5) Florence Wang Hwee Ping
6) Deanna Lim Dorothy
7) Jethro Ong
8) Jovyn
9) Jasper Ong Lian Kiat
10) Ng Yu Rui
11) Ronald Goh Yuan Xin
12) Ethan-Zuriel Yam
13) Alvin Wong
14) John Lee Wen Han
15) Nat Chia Wee Teck
16) Gabriel Ong Yen Sheng
17) Lim Jit Yang
18) Joel Ng
19) Nicholas Ong Kar Wei
20) Robin Lim Siew Poh

Details of Singapore Open 2009:

Date: 8th & 9th August 2009
Venue: Anchorvale Fields
Time: Early morning till evening (Organizer will contact you guys via email)
Attire: NYP White Jerseys on Saturday (8th July)
NYP Red Jerseys on Sunday (9th July)
Please go borrow from the seniors or your team mates that have the jerseys.
Things to bring: Umbrella /Sunblock if you are afraid of sun.
Writing materials (Pens esp)

Check out www.singaporeultimate.com for more information.

I will be sending out the job scope to all of you via email.

Please remember that you guys are from NYP Ultimate and please uphold the school's image.

Benjamin Ho


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