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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
Hi guys,

Training as usual @ hockey pitch. I know exams are around the coner, If you need time off to study please do so and let me, xiao lun or alex know.

Hockey Pitch
5.30pm onwards!
Bring your shoes and dark + light
Lots of water
Rain or Shine we will train!

Stadium Field
4.30pm onwards!
Bring boots and dark + light
Lots of water
Rain or Shine training as usual!

Those who cant make it down pls sms xiao lun as usual.

Now I need volunteers for Sing Opens this weekend those of you who have given your name, you are nt confirm yet as
you have to go thru slection =) those who have not do let me know if u can tml or wednesday!
For those who are not volunteering, Do take some time off and go watch the games and get inspired by the players!
It will be at Anchorvale Fields frm 730am onwards till late ( Sengkang is the place if you dunnoe here it is)

Cheers and Cya all at training!


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