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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
Hi guys~ enjoyed weekend?

Training as usual for tml
  • 530pm
  • Rain or Shine
  • Bring Water
  • Dark/Light shirts
  • Pay up if you have not pay
  • Remember to sms alex if ur late
  • And those the usual stuffs
Pls rest well and look forward to another intense training tml!

As for the Campus Road Run, sorry to inform that if your name is not listed below, I'm afraid that I had to drop you due to overwhelming respond to the event. Everyone in the team will automatically qualify for individual timing. So do your best during the run. More info will be release tml.
  1. Alex, Adam, Jamal, John, Dorries, Hayden
  2. Lb, Tc, Edwin, Xiao Lun, YinCi, Janic
  3. Cs, Bolin, Daryl, Douglas, Hazel, Yiling
  4. Chris, Mark, Alan, Michelle, Janet, Jospephine
  5. Keng Guan, Yi Xiang, Bryan, Lihui, Liying, Xeun
  6. Wei Lin, Michael, Jervis, Eliesus, FangYing, Yuan Lin


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