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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

Winter League!

Hi all,

A few things to update:

1) Winter League buddies

Please go www.singaporeultimate.com and check out your buddy.

2) $ $ $ $ $

Those that still owe Alex $$$, please take initiative to contact him and pass him the money!

3) Training

I noticed that the numbers in training are dropping. The list of people not coming for training is also getting longer.

Just a reminder, if you think that you are good enough, YOU ARE NOT! No one is ever good enough. If you think you are, then all the best to you because you will never make it far.

If you think that missing one or two trainings is nothing, then you are wrong because you never know when will be the day that you will make the breakthru and advance.

Always look forward to training with your own goals and objectives. Always bring something back and learn after each training.

Training for this week is as usual for both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday: 530pm @ Hockey Pitch. Track shoes.
Wednesday: 430pm @ Field. Track shoes & Soccer boots.

Work your ass off to have a place in the team!

Benjamin Ho


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