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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions

SIM Scrimmage

Hi all,

Everyone is expected to turn up for training, no matter whether you are in the team for the scrimmage or not. You are expected to support, cheer your team mates on as well as learn from the game.

There will be no details on who is in or not. I will announce it tml at hockey pitch. For those that are late and did not infd Alex, just prepare to find a place to sit because you will have no roles in the game.

Details of Scrimmage:
  • Venue: NYP Hockey Pitch
  • Time: 530pm onwards
  • Attire: NYP Jerseys (RED & WHITE)
  • Footwear: Track / Turf Shoes
  • Things to bring: Water Bottle
Be ready to play!

Benjamin Ho


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