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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
Hi guys~

I guess everyone enjoyed the rain yesterday and those actions happening at mac after that. video will be up soon i hope haaha.

Anyway, next wed 19/11 will be Campus Road run. As mention, we suppose to come in 2nd and 3rd last year but Alvin ran the wrong lane, in the end only the 3rd results was valid. Nevertheless, let go get back the 2nd and fight for the 1st!. We'll most probably send in 2-3 teams. The remain ppl will all be joining in the singles event. Don't be afraid of not finishing the run, take it as part of PT for that day.

So as mention everyone please come down for a trail run on Friday 14/11. 2 sessions will be avaliable. Feel free to come for both if you want to.
  • 1st session @ 4pm pls be ready by 4pm latest 415pm. Edwin and I will be around. Gather at the stadium where we usually put our stuffs for training.
  • 2nd session @ 6pm. Same thing applies. TC will be around to lead the run.
Some tips for the run tml. Rest well, hydrate yourself, PLS PLS PLS don't eat 2hours before the run! Pace yourself, run a t a comfortable speed up the tempo if needed. Those with injuries pls take care of yourself!

So I'll see ya all at the stadium tml.

Cheers and Burnt,


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