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7 times IVP Champions and 8 times POL-ITE Champions
I don't know about you but I'm uber excited. But still, highly recommended before tomorrow's match, please get a good nights rest. No matter how. At least 7 hours. Believe me it makes a huge difference.

So my friends, it's crunch time. I'll be at AMK MRT by 11 am for those who want to join me there. But for those who want to meet me to take the bus over from Clementi MRT, let's meet at 12 pm sharp at Clementi control station. We will be taking bus 176 from the interchange. Those in Left and Right, do not be late please. Bring a white and a black or near black shirt for play. Boots is a MUST.

Several reminders:
1) Avoid a heavy lunch. Avoid funny foods like Laksa or Durian, even though its Durian season.
2) Bring lots of water and even ice if you can in a cooler. I suggest a minimum of 1.5 l per person. No beer or Chivas please. And do drink in moderation during the match.
3) Sun protection. Those who have sunblock please bring. Umbrellas er...optional.
4) If you wish to snack on anything just before or during the match, I suggest citrus fruits or bananas. Something easily digestible.

For those who will be coming on their own, a landmark you can use is the macdonalds at WCP. The field is only 150 m away from the macs.

Finally, bring your A game tomorrow. Respect your opponent, respect the disc, respect your teammates. Have fun. And don't get bullied, as Ben mentioned, not calling foul when there is one is not sportsmanship.

Cheers and regards,


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